Changing to a new domain name is quite easy.

SEO needs to be considered and a temporary drop in rankings is to be expected but, done right, a new domain name should be a positive move.

So why has it taken me so long to get around to changing mine?

Well, they say mechanics drive the worst cars, and cobblers' children wear the worst shoes.

I figure the same surely applies to digital marketing professionals who take forever to roll out their new branding!

A new brand was needed

I felt unhappy with my branding and business name for some time.

It didn't really reflect on me or my business like I had originally envisioned.

It was one of those things that sounded good at the time but as my business has evolved from SEO and web design to social media and digital marketing, I felt it was time for a re-boot.

A couple of months ago, my hand was forced when a major social network refused to allow me to change my business page name to match my newly registered business name.

I quickly started a new business page and advised followers to like the new page instead. You'll find it here: Cake Digital

cupcake with sprinkles on ceramic pedestal

But I needed a new domain too!

Since then, I have had very good intentions of migrating my website to its new domain but being just one task of many on my "Things I Really Must Do List", it has been easier said than done.

Clients take priority and I need to get their work done before worrying about very minor, little things such as my own website having the wrong domain name!

But finally, a spare day on a wet weekend and a plan of attack to get it done no-matter-what means I can finally put a line through at least one of my tasks.

So now, if you type in my old domain name, it will automatically direct you to this domain instead.

The website is basically the same, the business name is new, the domain name is correct.

If you find any errors or something has gone awry, please let me know.

I've still got plenty to do with this re-brand and I know it's unusual to roll out in fits and starts but I've got to tackle it as and when I can.

I don't believe it makes a difference whether a new brand is all done at once, or if it is rolled out over a longer period. Just getting it done is the key!

Looking to rebrand and need a new domain name?

If you're thinking of changing your business name and need your website to reflect the change, let me know. I'll help you move it to its new domain name without irreversibly damaging your precious SEO.

Now I am off to try and tick off a few other tasks while I am on a roll……